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How Spirits Communicate With Mediums
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How spirits communicate with mediums is of great interest. The whole art of mediumship is fascinating, and people want to know all about cheap online medium readings and how they work. This blog will provide a little insight into this fascinating topic.

The art of mediumship has different elements to it and when it comes to how spirits communicate with mediums it’s best to keep an open, flexible mind. The reason for this is because even thou there are traditional ideas about pure mediumship the reality is that cheap online medium readings can take many forms all of which are valid.

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Mediumship refers to the ability of readers to communicate with spirits. Depending on your point of view, it can be said that all forms of reading involve communication with spirits. Some people do not believe this however and class true mediumship only as the direct communication of spirits with or through readers.

The pure art of mediumship involves spirits making contact with the medium who then passes the messages on to the seekers. Mediums can receive messages in various ways. How spirits communicate with mediums depends on the medium. Some online mediums hear the voices of spirits as if they were present in the room. Others ‘see’ images in their mind’s eye and get mental messages coming through.

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Automatic writing is another form of mediumship. This involves the online medium tuning in to spirit guides and directly channelling messages via pen and paper onto the page. There are some very popular and famous couples who channel messages via automatic writing directly. Often people who channel in this way are thought to be communicating with ascended beings who have great wisdom and a deeper message for humanity.

You have probably heard of mediums being used as a physical channel for the spirit to talk through. This is a skill that is not common but it’s a fascinating part of the art of mediumship. A medium will enter a trance state and allow a spirit soul being to enter their body and talk through them. When the medium allows this to happen their whole demeanour changes. Their appearance, voice and personality change and they take on the characteristics of the spirit who has entered their body. The medium during this time, recedes into the background. The spirit talks to the seeker and when they have finished, they pull out of the medium’s body. The medium then comes back into the room but often they will have no memory of what has just occurred or where they were during the trance.

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Cheap mediumship readings are available but it’s important to bear in mind that many people believe that ALL connections with ‘reading’ involve mediumship whether the reader realises this or not. Lots of psychic readings involve tools to help the reader: the tarot, oracle cards, runes, crystal ball readings. But most readers who use these tools go beyond the tools. The tools are only a starting point. You could argue that the spirits are guiding readings from beginning to end.