Online Fortune Telling

Online Fortune Telling

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How Fortune-Telling Works

If you are interested in getting your fortune told over the phone or online, you could not have come to a better place. Fortune-tellers are psychic who like to use various mediums such as cards, crystals, and stones to give future readings. While many fortune-tellers do not need one of these mediums to make valuable predictions, these items do make it easier for them to tap into the spiritual plane. When getting a psychic reading from one of these specialists, you should know how their abilities work and how you can make the most of them.

Tarot Card Readings

The most popular form of fortune-telling is tarot card readings. By using a specialised deck of cards, a psychic can help you to explore your past, present, and future by analysing the messages presented on the cards drawn during your reading. If you opt for a tarot card reading today, you can specify how detailed you want you reading to be; the more cards used, the more insight you will be able to get into the question(s) you asked.

Call Now: 0904 007 3160
Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply
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Crystal Ball Predictions

By using a crystal ball, a psychic can see into your life path to give you information about you can expect to come. While many people believe that crystal gazers see video-like footage when they give a reading, it is not often the case. Crystal balls will see images on occasion, but they also see spiritual vibrations, colours, and sometimes, they even hear sounds. These fortune-tellers are really gifted as they are able to get a lot of information about your future from this obscure data.

Runestone Future Readings

The powerful technique of runestone reading involves the casting of stones (or other gems). The stones will be marked with specific symbols that the psychic will deduce in order to give you a reading about your past, present, or future.

Live Cleromancy Readings

Cleromancy is very similar to runestone readings in that it involves the casting of dice, however, psychics have been known to use coins when giving a future reading.

Lithomancy Predictions

During a lithomancy reading, a fortune-teller will use stones/crystals to get an insight into your destiny. During a lithomancy reading, a psychic will usually use 13 stones to uncover the answers to your question(s). The stones used by the psychic will usually be very personal to them, more often than not they will collect the stones/gems themselves. To give a reading, a psychic will cast the stones and decipher what their meaning is by how/where they land and how they react to the light.

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Call cost 45p per minute plus network access charges apply
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Predictions Via Tasseomancy

Tasseomancy, more commonly known as tea leaf reading is not something you will see practiced very often today; that said, it is still a recognised technique in the psychic world. To give an in-depth future reading, a fortune-teller will analyse the pattern of the remaining leaves after a cup of tea has been drank or poured away.

Affordable Psychic Predictions UK

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