Best Cartomancy Readings Online

The Best Cartomancy Readings Online
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Are you looking for the best cartomancy readings online? There are four types of cartomancy: Tarot Card Readings, Angel Card Readings, Playing Card Readings and Oracle Card Readings.

Each method of cartomancy brings different things to a reading but it must be said that the best cartomancy readings online do not depend on the different cards themselves but on the reader. A reader who loves her decks and has a spiritual affinity with them, and you, will give you an excellent reading no matter what ‘type’ of cards they are.

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Having said all the above, it is true to say that different seekers and different readers have their preferred type of reading and each type of card does have its strengths and weaknesses.

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Card reading as a spiritual method of divination started in the 15th Century and it has been used by the people of many different cultures. The cards have been adapted into the different methods used today. Lets have a look at how the best cartomancy readings online can be influenced by the type of deck being used.

Tarot Card Readings – what makes them good?

If you like a traditional, tried and tested divination methods then tarot readings may be the best thing for you. There are many types of tarot decks and on the whole tarot card readings can provide a lot of information as there are 78 cards in a deck and each card represents something different and something different again depending on the question asked and the positioning of the card in relation to the others. The cards are rich in historical references, symbolism and metaphor – this makes for rich adaptable readings.

Angel Card Readings – what makes them good?

Angel cards are good for people who believe that we have guardian angels and spirit guides looking out for us. Readers try to connect with spirits and guides during a reading in order to assist the seeker with their question. The cards have an incredible and positive ‘feel good factor’ to them.

Playing Card Readings – what makes them good?

Playing card readings date back the furthest of all the different cards. The skill of the reader in connecting with the universe is more important with playing cards because the simple playing cards themselves only depict the four suits. Each suit and each number represents something of course but the reader needs to use their spiritual connection to really interpret the cards properly. Some people say that the tarot can be read on face value as there is so much information available in the pictures but that that is impossible to do with the normal playing cards.

Oracle Card Reading – what makes them good?

Oracle card readings are good because each oracle card is individual and unique. There are no suits. Each card show different people, animals, things or situations. The decks are all different and have their unique flavour to them which can lend them to different types of reading but all the images are rich and deep.

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So, quite a lot of choice and if its hard to decide, an idea might be to try them all out and see the type that suits you the best.